Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daycare Outdoor Play Date

This week we invited all our old neighbourhood friends over to the new house for a play date!  I got the pool set up for the kids, filled the water tables, cut up fruits, made homemade popsicles, and of course the sun showed up too!  Here are just a few of the great pictures from the day!  I know my boys were happy to see all their old friends come to the 'new house' (as Ethan still refers to it!)

Julie and baby Amelya looking like twins

Logan, Greyson and Brody chowing down on the fruits

"Greyson say CHEESE!" lol

Jacob and Annie playing in the water table

Ethan and his best buddy Addison eating Carleigh's yummy cupcakes!
Just a little messy!

WOW...I think he liked the icing!

Amelya in the pool with Ethan - it was really hot!

We forgot about the popsicles during the party, so the boys all got one after nap!

Ethan called them Shooting Star Watermelon and Blueberry ice pops!

Such a happy man, with his new daycare buddy Brody!

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